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Archive Team: The Thingiverse Objectification

Thingiverse is a website dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files. Providing primarily open source hardware designs licensed under the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses, users choose the type of user license they wish to attach to the designs they share. 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines and many other technologies can be used to physically create the files shared by the users on Thingiverse.

Thingiverse is widely used in the DIY technology and Maker communities, by the RepRap Project, and by 3D Printer and MakerBot operators. Numerous technical projects use Thingiverse as a repository for shared innovation and dissemination of source materials to the public. Many of the objects are for the purpose of repair.

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Archive Team: The Thingiverse Objectification
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Download of all extant models from Thingiverse. (User grab bug means no users on this run. Will improve and add to this entry later.)
Download of all extant models and user pages from Thingiverse, the Makerbot-hosted collection of 3D shapes and items.